Kids frame colorful doodle

"Sing Your Stars into Being

with the Zodiac Song Book!"

Deep down, we all yearn to understand ourselves - our quirks, strengths, and the magic that makes us unique. This self-discovery is the key to embracing who we are, everywhere we go, with whoever we're with.

Sing your way to self-knowledge with the Zodiac Song Book! Explore your own sign and those of your loved ones through catchy melodies and whimsical lyrics. Uncover hidden facets of your personality, celebrate your differences, and find joy in being simply you.

Hand Drawn Brushstroke

Leo the lion

Is playful and fun

He’s gentle and kind

And warm like the sun

His heart is quite large

And he shares it around

If you’re in need of a friend

He’s easily found

Leo the lion

Leo the lion

Leo the lion

He sometimes acts tough

And he’ll fuss and he’ll roar

But when he comes to a fight

He never keeps score

You must treat him with kindness

And he’ll never go

Lions are very loyal

Yes, you know

Leo the lion...

There’s more I could tell you

But over and above

It’s important to know that

Lions need love

Taurus the bull

Taurus the bull

Taurus the bull

Is stubborn and strong

She must have her way

For she’s never wrong

She doesn’t like change

And she’ll storm and

she’ll shout

If you push her enough

She may throw you right out

Taurus, Taurus

She is never wrong

Taurus oh Taurus

She is never wrong

She may come across though

Like a brassily brown bear

But don’t you dare think

That she doesn’t care

Under all that pretense

Her heart is quite soft

And she might

need some support

To keep it aloft


She’s loyal and heartfelt

And patient and true

And there’s no end on the Earth

She wouldn’t go to for you


So if you know a Taurus

I suggest you be smart

For there’s no better soul

To trust with your heart

Kids frame colorful doodle

The Zodiac Song Book's melody began with a chance encounter between Miami-based writer and yoga instructor Brandi Baldwin and musician

Marc Durandeau over brunch. As a renowned songwriter, Marc (awarded Telemundo's Composer of the Year and a BMI Latin Award in 2004) couldn't resist composing a tune for Brandi's Leo poem, written for her father. This spark ignited a shared vision, leading them to craft

"The Zodiac Song Book"

- a whimsical children's songbook celebrating the twelve zodiac signs.

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